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How to Use Course Modules

This will help you become familiar with the navigation tools as well as the course fundamentals in order to get the most out of your educational experience.

  • Progress Bar

    The box with the percentage details the overall module completion rate at any given point in time.

  • Back/Next Buttons

    The back and next buttons allow you to move forward or backward through each educational frame. At the conclusion of each slide, a tone will sound signaling you to click the next button in order to move to the subsequent frame.

  • Outline

    The outline button permits you to view the entire educational content that forms a specific module. By clicking on a particular topic listed in the outline you are able to jump to the associated frame within the module.

  • Bookmarks

    Bookmarks permit the user to denote an area or topic of particular interest. This bookmark is saved in your personal file for review at a later date.

  • Help

    The Help button accesses the course help files.

  • Exit

    By clicking the exit button, you will leave the course altogether. Of note, if you have partially completed a module and hit the exit button, the system automatically remembers the point in the module where you exit. For your convenience, the next time you login, the content begins where you last left off.

  • FAQ

    If you encounter difficulty or have additional questions, you may want to review the Frequently Asked Questions page located at MDContent.com.

  • Contact Us

    Additionally, you may you may direct inquiries by email to Paul Taheri or David Butz.

  • Slide Controller

    Each slide is also equipped with its own controller located at the bottom of the frame so you can rewind or fast forward through the slide educational content as needed.

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