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Technical Requirements

To assure optimal efficiency of the website, certain system requirements are essential:

  • Access to the Internet with at least a 28.8K modem connection

    Although higher speed connections are preferable, it is still possible to download PDF materials with a 28.8K modem, just realize it may take a bit longer.

  • Macromedia Flash Player

    To enhance content delivery, educational topics are presented via Macromedia flash player. Your computer needs the latest version of the free flash player plug-in in order to view courses. If you do not have this already installed on your computer, please download Flash Player at Macromedia.com .

  • Ability to Play Audio

    You will need to be able to hear audio during the module presentations. Please enable your computer volume and assure you have speakers or headphones or make sure you are in a quiet place.

  • Adobe Acrobat

    To view and download PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. Adobe.com provides free download of this program.

  • Problems?

    If you encounter difficulties, please contact MDContent.com.
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