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MDContent is first and foremost an academically grounded, data-driven, and physician-oriented enterprise. High-quality data are key to MDContent's success. The firm's clinical expertise extends from understanding complex processes, including:

  • trauma care and trauma systems
  • organ transplantation
  • critical care
  • neurosurgery
  • orthopedics
  • aeromedical transportation
  • cardiology
  • emergency medical services
  • operating room management
  • emergency department operations

Management Consulting

MDContent provides a variety of management consulting services. Our projects and partners include:

  • University of Michigan Department of Surgery
  • University of Michigan Medical School Projects
  • Vendor Projects
  • The Palm Beach County Health Care District
  • The State of Florida
  • GE Healthcare

Education & Learning Management

To develop effective systems of care, clinicians must learn the basics of good management. MDContent has a variety of executive education offerings that meet that goal. It retains world-class faculty from the University of Michigan's Health System and Business Schools as well as experts nationwide. Over the years, MDContent has offered curricula in myriad different settings, including:

  • Internally at the University of Michigan
  • Annual Meetings of Professional Societies
  • Physician Leadership Development Programs for Health Systems
  • Continuing Medical Education and the ACGME's Systems-Based Practice Competency
  • Vendor Education and Training

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